Commercial Rooftop Solar

Commercial Rooftop Solar With the need of energy resources reaching an insurmountable level for the Commercial and Industrial sectors, it has become an imperative for businesses to look for sustainable alternatives in order to reduce their energy costs. Using solar energy to run commercial units not only has an incomparable positive impact on the environment but also plays a vital role in bringing down the operating costs by a huge margin
Commercial Rooftop Solar Solar energy encourages savings by providing a good return on investment. Customized set up of solar panels these days ensures the use of un-utilized rooftop space and requires minimal maintenance.Hartek Solar spearheads the commercial rooftop solar with its state of the art technology and solutions.
Commercial Rooftop Solar Associating with Hartek Solar for commercial rooftop solutions guarantees a significant reduction in the electricity bills and an even more prominent increase in the ROI. Hartek Solar's tailored to requirement rooftop solutions have assisted a number of industrial, commercial and residential customers employ sustainable solar power solutions, benefitting their cost structure substantially and also reducing their carbon footprint. Safety of our people and all the stakeholders is our top most priority.
Commercial Rooftop Solar At #Hartek we specialise in engineering and construction activity from hilly terrains to harsh extreme conditions. No matter the ambient conditions, Safety and Quality are at the core of our operations. Hartek Solar has converted many roofs to solar roofs courtesy the passion and unfettered efforts of the Group to add value to the lives of millions across the globe by ensuring access to electricity and renewable energy. Kick start your solar journey with us today!

Why Hartek Solar?

Our Offerings

Our Offering

Customized Solutions ranging from few kW to manifold MW's.

25 years' serviceability – Competing with the life of the product

Lifecycle Asset Management.

CAPEX business model to suit your needs

Our Benefits

Our Benefits

Save on electricity bill upto 90%

Saviour against rising energy costs

Scalable design for easy upgrades

Self Reliance

Solely Committed to Green