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Renewable Energy


Jan, 2021

Renewable Energy Resources are like a Blessing to Earth

Hartek Singh, Founder & CMD, Hartek Group

"Renewable energy resources are like a blessing to earth"

We should understand the value of Mother Nature. We all should gain awareness about the significance of renewable energy, their industries, and sources. The whole world is experiencing a major transformation including energy generation industries. This wind of change in the energy production industry can save the world from rapid climate change threats.  

Renewable energy is what our planet needs and should be given frequent importance. These renewable sources include wind, solar power, water, and biodegradable energy.  If the world started relying on these renewable sources then we can secure a happy and healthy lifestyle for future generations. Most countries around the world have started investing in renewable energy generation sources. Today, India has also finally executed the plans to invest in renewable energy considering its advantages like being the more cost-effective and eco-friendly option. India is 2nd around the world in generating job opportunities in the solar power generation field. India is building a strong future by being Independent as well as using eco-friendly sources of energy.

Billionaires in the United States of America also understand the power of renewable energy and are actively investing in this industry.

As per the recent reports, a lot of cities around the world are planning to be 100 percent functional on green energy sources by 2050.

Developing countries like Mongolia have also started investing in Wind turbines understanding the power of nature. They are taking advantage of their geographical location and generating jobs for local people.

Even oil-producing nations are investing hugely in solar energy generation sources. They understand the long-term demands of energy. These oil generation countries are really rich so there is no doubt that they will try their best to turn 100% green by 2050.

Solar energy is not only an eco-friendly source but is also a major revenue-generating industry sector that can give profitable outputs in the long run.

This is the major reason why entrepreneurs around the world are taking an interest in this particular sector. As per recent research, solar power is already a proven billion dollars industry, and also has a scope of emerging as a trillion-dollar industry in near future.

Wind turbines and Solar Panels can also be installed in nonusable areas as well. The barren lands and the unreachable lands for common people can be used for these energy sources worldwide.

Rooftop Solar panels come with a lot of conveniences. One can install solar panels on rooftops, and enjoy both monetary and environmental benefits of using Renewable energy sources. This will help us not only in contributing towards saving the economy of the county but also in saving the earth's future.

Apart from installing solar panels on rooftops; one can also rent out rooftops for solar panel installations. This can help save up to 50% of the regular electricity bills by contributing to the grid power. In the upcoming years, eco-friendly energy sources will soon be announced to be much more cost-efficient than fossil fuels.

We, at the Hartek Group, are trying to do our bit in bringing about this radical change for the benefit of society and the country overall. Hartek Solar, the solar division of the Hartek Group is one of the Leading rooftop Solar Panel Installation Companies in India. They are serving pan India and have installed many solar panel power systems across the country.